Goodbye Winter!

A frigid razor wind cuts through Chicago, but it can’t fool me. I know Spring’s on its way. See:

tiny buds

Most importantly, the time will soon arrive when farmer’s markets bustle with overflowing fruit and vegetables. I ache for the juicy cherries of summer, the vine ripened peaches, the watermelons. Has it been so long since watermelon season? I have forgotten what it’s like to feel the soft give of watermelon pulp as my teeth sink in for a bite. Unlike many people who shop at major grocery chains, I make a conscious effort to eat by season whenever possible. This means that I avoid most summer fruits and veg in the winter and vice versa. My winters consist of a whole lot of cabbage and starches, and not a whole lot of citrus or berries. I love cabbage. I’m a cabbage fiend, but it’s gotten a little out of hand recently. I’m totally ready for crisp salads, packing up simple sandwiches for picnics and fruit fruit fruit!

As a farewell, I would like to post two very simple winter meals that I consumed for a good portion of the season. I know it’s a bit strange to post winter recipes as spring lies ahead, but I wanted to say goodbye to my dear old friends. So, here is my goodbye letter to the winter foodstuffs:

Dear Butternut Squash, zucchini, red cabbage, broccoli and potatoes, et al.,

I love you guys! The carbs! The sugars! The abundance of nutrients! Thank you so much for keeping me company on blustery cold nights. I know we might not be seeing so much of each other over the summer, but I wanted you to know, my feelings haven’t changed. I know you will be there for me in full force starting next Autumn. So let’s keep in touch.

Love & Jellybeans,

Butternut squash with olive oil and cinnamon, broccoli and brown rice

Red Cabbage and Potatoes


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