Potatoes and Arugula

Like most people who work full time, I look forward to my weekends. My long commute during the week usually leaves me with only a couple of hours to myself when I get home in the evenings and because of this I have severely limited cooking hours per week. Sundays are usually the one day I can prep weekly meals, but a lot of the time, I end up relying on packaged foods. Isn’t that so sad?

Lately, both me and my husband have begun to confront our health issues. Lack of exercise, sedentary jobs and lives, and a reliance on processed foods have made us sluggish. So, I’m actively working on quick, healthy options.
This Saturday, I threw this little meal together from what was left in the fridge at the end of the week. And wouldn’t you know? It turned out pretty great.

Fingerling Potato Salad over Arugula
About 1 lb fingerling potatoes, skin on
2 Tblsp nonfat greek yogurt (unflavored)
1 tsp whole seed mustard
1 small stalk celery, minced
1-2 tsp capers
½ tsp parsley flakes
Pinch of salt to taste
Pepper to taste

About 2 cups of baby arugula, washed and drained.
½ lemon

Par-boil potatoes in a 6 quart pot of lightly salted water for about 10mins. Turn off heat and let sit for another 5mins to cook through. This ensures that the potatoes won’t overcook and fall apart. Plunge in an ice bath to stop the cooking. Refrigerate until cooled.

Dress the arugula in lemon juice and a pinch of salt, toss thoroughly.
For the salad, toss potatoes with the ingredients and plate over a bed of arugula.

I adore arugula’s bitter notes and its slightly nutty aftertaste. It’s also high in vitamin C and potassium. The greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise was a stroke of genius on my part. Greek strained yogurt is not only high in protein and low in fat (in some cases 0% fat) it also contains probiotics, helpful bacteria that aid your body in digesting food properly. And besides, it’s scrumptious. Arugula goes so well with starches like pasta and potatoes. It adds a deep savory flavor component, but it doesn’t overwhelm.

Such a lovely meal for a lovely Saturday.


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