Learn by Failing

I cannot lie. I’ve been discouraged.

It’s been some time since I posted here and there are so many excuses, including time, money, and skill. I don’t have any plans to close up shop just yet but without the tools necessary to posting quality content, I’m not feeling too confident in my ability to continue. There are so many incredible food blogs out there and I spend a lot of my free time reading them, so I guess I just wanted to contribute my own particular point of view on cooking and dining. But something that goes unsaid on a lot of food blogs is that it takes a significant amount of energy and resources to single-handedly author a blog, especially if you want to post quality content.

The thing is, I lack resources. I don’t own my own home with a bright, airy kitchen and granite counter tops. I don’t have my own studio where I can set up elaborate sets with professional lights and cameras that cost thousands of dollars. I don’t even have photo editing software or natural light filtering onto my tabletop with which to take beautiful, professional photographs (as can be seen by the telltale “orangey” glow in some of my photos). So, there is a part of me that thinks I can’t really compete with what’s out there.

However, slinking around somewhere there is that other part of me, the part that doesn’t really care what other people are doing, the part that throws caution to the wind and does what she wants to do because it’s fun, not because it meets some “professional” standard. Right now, that part is the part winning the debate.

I guess some of my posts here would be considered failures by the standard of professional food bloggers, but I’m not a professional at anything really. I love to cook and I love to write and I like to pretend I can take a decent photo when the fancy strikes me.

I think I’m going to continue to learn by my mistakes, because that is really the best way to learn. And believe me, I have already failed at enough things to know how important and healthy failure can be.

In other news, I’ve been crocheting lately. I even finished this scarf:

It amazes what I can accomplish if I just structure my time well. I made the scarf in a little over a week of subway rides. I got a lot of weird stares however. At least one person told me it was “unusual” to see someone so young crocheting on the train. It didn’t really bother me because I have an old soul.

And as far as cooking, well this sums it up:

I am trying to plan out my meals for the week to save money and valuable time. So far, it’s been kind of tedious and has made cooking a drag. C’est la vie. Hopefully I’ll get it together and post a new recipe soon.


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