I’m on vacation, well actually it’s a staycation. Most of my vacations from work have involved travel over the last couple of years so I am ready to just relax at home for a week. I’m lucky to live in a city perfect for staycations. Chicago has everything I could possibly want. The weather can be extreme and not very pleasant but this past weekend has been the warmest March on record and it feels like June, which means I’ve been out and about as much as possible.

I’m afraid I’ll be out soaking up the sun for the next few days instead of working in the kitchen. I do plan on trying my hand at homemade seitan this week, and maybe taking on a pastry or two. Until then, here are some photos from a recent excursion to Chicago’s Lincoln Park:

This little meerkat was posing for the camera.

Your’s truly.

Lastly, here’s the one food shot I took all weekend: a fuzzy photo of the cookie case at The Swedish Bakery in Andersonville. I picked up a couple of cupcakes here and they were amazing. I ate them before I could document their glory.

Well, time to get back to staycationing!


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