A Happy New Year

Happy second day of 2011. I’ve been lounging mostly, traveling for the holidays and letting other people feed me rather than attempting much cooking by myself. I spent Christmas in Washington and indulged in some local salmon, even though I try and maintain my vegetarian façade, it’s hard to pass up local food when traveling. The smoked salmon was the most delicious I have ever had, it retained the flavor of the sea so perfectly each bite brought forth the memory of visits to the coast. My in-laws in Washington are quite adept in the kitchen and I enjoyed several delicious meals at their table over the holiday.

Chris and I spent most our time off indulging in our meal of choice: bread, cheese, wine, olives and pickles. Of all the things we could eat, something about this simple combination provides the utmost pleasure. Few foods can rival a quality loaf of bread. So many giant supermarkets sell paltry, air filled, bleached loaves of baguette, that hunting for a good bread can turn into quite the venture. I have never been skilled with breads. How I wish I could produce the perfect, crispy loaves that the French know as a birthright. Which brings me to resolutions. We all know that New Year’s resolutions so often fall by the wayside at January’s end, but I have a simple hope for my new year.

I would like to cook from scratch more often, using whole, natural ingredients, and try new recipes.

I have no official way of going about this besides reading the new cookbook Chris gave me for Christmas (“La Cuisine” by Francoise Bernard), and trying to write up new blogs about my cooking experiences. I am eager to try my hand at soufflé, baking breads with yeast (yikes), and maybe pickling some vegetables (sauerkraut and homemade pickles). The new year is brimming with possibilities, I just have to make time for it to happen.